Pizza Delivery - Part 1 - Peterfever - 64

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Being a Pizza delivery boy, you would think I have seen it all, but I certainly wasn't expecting what happened this week.I had a delivery at this huge mansion. Of course I rung the door and knocked, but no one answered. Then I tried the door and it was unlocked. I called out, but no one responded. I heard some voices upstairs and decided to take a look.As I opened the bedroom door, I saw these two hot guys making out. I said, "I have a large salami." That's when it happened. They told me to leave the pizza, that they wanted MY large salami.Trust me, I have had fantasies that were pretty incredible, but nothing compared to being fucked at one end and sucking a huge cock at the other end. I'm not going to lie, taking these enormous cocks in my ass wasn't easy, but I did it.I hope you enjoy the Season 4 Premier "Pizza Delivery Part 1" starring Eric East, Diego Vena, and me, Robin Cadiz the pizza delivery boy.

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